Word Press Options of Theme And Appearance

Appearance option

In the dashboard you see this option. It is to change the look and feel of your site.You can do it as follows;
1. Go to “Appearance” option from dashboard and select “Widgets”

2. The widgets window shall open. If your theme carries one menu column there shall be only one sidebar otherwise there shall be two; primary sidebar and secondary sidebar.

There shall be a list of available widgets on the left site of the screen.

Nowwhatever the widget youlike to add in the menus just drag it and drop in the menu which are sidebars.

3. Primary sidebar is the left menu column of your site whereas secondary sidebar is the right menu column of your site. Any widget you want to replace from the sidebar just drag and drop it in available widgets or other sidebar if you want that to be there. Any adding and removing is done here by simply dragging and dropping. In the image the widget is being dragged.

How to change the logo of you site

Definitely you need to change the logo of your site and for that purpose do as follows;
1. Go to appearance and select the options of the theme installed.

2. Here in the general tab you shall see the default logo.

if your have already made the logo then click “Upload Now” and upload from your computer otherwise click on “Custom Text” and write the logo title and few-word description and click “Save changes”.

3. You shall see favicon here as well. Favicon is the tiny logo that is shown in the tab of the browser while your site is open.

Here you shall see the default favicon of wordpress. You can make your own and upload it.

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