Why Long Keyword is More Important Than Short Keyword

Long tailed keyword is that which is prolonged by adding different words. Remember long tailed keyword is always better than short one. There are the following reasons for that;

1. The competition in the short keyword is a very long figure and you cannot compete that. When you narrow it down by extending the keyword you find that the figure of competition becomes lesser. No need to get thousands of traffic on one keyword that is a long and hard process. Why not to have ten long keywords on ten pages with the same number of traffic but by less effort.

2. People don’t find short keyword rather they go for the long keyword. They shall never find just the word “Montessori” rather they shall find some meaningful thing like “Montessori schools”, “Montessori education in Pakistan”, “Montessori teaching”, “Montessori school system” etc. Just “Montessori” is not meaningful at all.

3. Remember if you have targeted the long keyword your site shall also perform in short keyword. If you have targeted “Montessori school system” your site shall also rank in “Montessori”.

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