What Is Artificial Intelligence?

What Is Intelligence?

Intelligence consists of a set of cognitive skills or abilities including

  1. Abstract thinking and reasoning
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Ability To understand Complex ideas
  4. Ability to Acquire knowledge
  5. Ability to learn from experience and adopt to a changing environment.

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is concerned with the automation of intelligent behavior. Artificial Intelligence is a part of computer science and must be based on theoretical and applied principles of that field. Artificial Intelligence is the study of how to make computer to do things which at present human can do better or Something to have thinking ability for electronic machines. Artificial Intelligence itself isn’t a system, but it’s the part of the system. It’s the combination of math physics philosophy. It is an emerging field of study, and many researchers are working in this field to make new and creative ideas implementable on systems.

Every aspect of learning or any feature of intelligence can in principle be so precisely

Described that a machine can be made to simulate it. An attempt will be made to find how to make machine use language, from abstraction and concepts, solve kind of problems now reserved for humans and improve themselves

The 7 Aspects of Artificial Intelligence

The seven aspects of Artificial Intelligence are

1 Simulating higher function of the human brain

2 Programming a computer to use general language

3 Arranging hypothetical neuron in a manner so that they can form concepts

4 A way to determine and measure problem complexity

Five self-improvements

6 Abstraction defined as the quality of dealing with ideas rather than events

7 Randomness and creativity

Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence

Human Intelligence

  • Humans can understand several things instinctively,
  • The human can exhibit their insight by imparting adequately, thinking and critical reasoning
  • They cannot retain a large amount of data or a long period in their brains.
  • The Information saves very slowly in the human brain.
  • Human has a limited amount of knowledge bases.
  • Humans are the most intelligent creatures in the world that can work intelligently and independently.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Ability to simulate human behavior and cognitive processes
  • Capture and preserve human expertise
  • Fast Response. The ability to comprehend vast amounts of data quickly.
  • No “common sense.”
  • Cannot readily deal with “mixed” knowledge
  • May have high development costs
  • Raise legal and ethical concerns

Why is the Need for Artificial Intelligence?

What is the need for Artificial Intelligence? How can we use Artificial Intelligence in our daily life? These are very commonly asked questions by so many people around us. We are building intelligence in an object so that it can do what we want it to do like nowadays robots are serving as waiters in hotels instead of a human. In several companies, robots are doing the jobs which were done by many human years ago. These robots are reducing human labors and the mistakes which were done by them.

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