What are Hosting and Domain and How to Purchase Theme


Whenever you save any file in your computer you see that it occupies some space. That space can be in KB (kilobyte), MB (megabyte) and even GB (gigabyte). Similarly whenever you are uploading your site on internet your site that is comprised upon many files too occupies some space. The space for you site on internet is called hosting and you have to buy that.


Domain means name or address of your site that starts from www and ends on .com, .net or .org etc. It is entirely your choice that which domain you select for your site provided there is no site of this name on internet. The sites that offer hosting offer domain as well, and once you buy hosting package there is also one domain in it which you have to select.

Note: remember one thing whenever you are looking for domain name and select one always try to buy it as soon as possible because if you delay there are people on internet that keep looking domain searches by people and they try to purchase domains before you do and sell it later with more price.

How to purchase hosting and domain

There are many sites on internet that offer hosting and domain. Some of good sites are as follows

1. ipage.com
2. www.hostscott.com
3. www.bluehost.com
4. www.nexus.pk
5. www.hosterpk.com

www.nexus.pk and www.hosterpk.com are Pakistani sites and there are many other sites. As soon as you shall open any of the above sites you shall see hosting and domain packages right on the first page quite as you see the first page of www.bluehost.com in the image below that $2.99 for domain and hosting for one month, that is $35.88 per year.

Now go to google.com and search “35.88 USD in PKR”. That shall show you the latest rate of dollar in Pakistani rupees. Now use your credit card and buy the domain and hosting package.

You can also use different sites for hosting and domain purchasing if need be. In this case you have to email domain selling site to change the DNS of your domain and DNS can be obtained from the hosting site. In ipage.com the offer for hosting and domain package is $1.68 per month that is $ 20.16 per year.

These offers keep on changing. It is entirely upto you that for how long you are purchasing your hosting and domain. You can purchase for one year to more than 10 years. You shall see the links like “get started now” and “get started” along with the offer just click on it and proceed to buy the package. All sites have every information like; method of payments, how to order etc besides there is “live chat” on every site and you can chat with them if you feel any problem.

Once you have purchased the package the hosting site shall send you host name, username and password on your email this is called FTP information and by using it you can upload your site on a server. When you upload your site using that information your site is online and you can open and see it. Some people have a site already made and once they purchase the hosting package they just upload the whole site on a server whereas some people do it gradually by making and uploading pages every day. Some who use joomla or wordpress also create posts and pages piecemeal. In the coming chapter we shall begin the complete course of wordpress in detail.

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