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Tricks to Make More Money from Doing Less Work on Fiverr

Fiverr is a Legitimate money-making platform for Freelancers and for those individuals who are looking for skilled professionals to work for them. If you good at Logo designing, Graphic designing, Video editing, Photo editing then you can Earn a good amount of money.

If you niche on Fiverr is Article/Content writing then you cannot charge your clients more than 5 USD, which means you will definitely Earn some Cash, but it will be a slow Earning Process. If you want to earn more Money in less time and don’t have any skillset then you are reading the right article.

Earn on Fiver Without Skills

So, you have to create your Niche about E-Book Covers, and even if you have never made a book cover there are many paid software’s to get Templates for book covers and you can create one within 5 minutes.

About a decade ago people use to have Libraries in their home, but with the modern technology one can build a huge Library in his/her Cell phone. These books are called E-Books or Electronic Books

Writers are publishing books online and these writers need a cover for their Book. They pay good amount of money for it. You can lookup for yourself on Fiverr that individuals are Earning more than 75$ per order by creating Book covers. All you have to do is provide Creative work in promised time and have good Ratings.

If you have just started working on Fiverr and there are no Reviews you can simply ask a friend or family member to place order against your Niche and ask them to leave positive (5 Stars) feedback because once you have minimum 9-10 five star feedbacks, people will start noticing you and you will become a Trusted seller in no time and if you are too good in what you do people will pay whatever you want and you will make thousands of dollars if not more in no time.

If you are an expert in Photoshop, you can start from the scratch to create an E-Book cover but if you are new to this skill you can buy a software for 160$ and choose templates to create a cover.

The name of this software is Pixel Studio Fx, you can search for this software in Google and buy it, basically this software helps in selecting cover related to the book, there are more than 7000 templates in this software and the website is adding more templates regularly.

It’s a really simple process you just need a good eye and a little bit of creativity, because the more interesting your cover looks the more customer will notice the book.

So the key to attract more customers is that you must have continuous positive feedbacks and for positive feedbacks you must provide good work.

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