SEO Abbreviations

There are many abbreviations that are used in SEO and you must know what they mean. In this chapter we tried to define them in easiest possible way so that you may understand them properly.Since they are repeatedly used and therefore much more important to know when you work as SEO expert.If you are working even in Odesk or Elance and the like sites you better know these abbreviations so that you may understand the nature of people’s demand.


• ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain)

Domain means the name of the site and this is that domain in which country code is used like .pk (for Pakistan), .uk (for United Kindom) and .in (for India) etc. The examples of such domains are;,, etc

• gTLD (Generic Top Level Domain)

Any such domain in which .com, .org or .net is used is called gTLD since .com, .org or .net are not the country codes rather they are general extensions, like;,, etc.

• URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

Address of any page is called URL that may be either just domain name or the address of any page in a site like;
www. (domain name)
www. (address of the page along with domain)

• www (World Wide Web)

This comes before any site and it is always the same.

• http (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)

http:// is used before www and this indicates that you are linked with your server. All the requests of your computer reach server through this and you are given access to the pages that you have clicked (requested)

• https (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure)

This is secure correspondence with the server so that someone else could not access your particulars that may be your passwords or else. All the online banking is done in https so that your transaction and your passwords and pins may be safe.

• html (Hyper Text markup Language)

This is the basic language in which any site is made. Behind any webpage there is html coding at the backend which you can see by right clicking and selecting “View page source”. This is static language and not used for programming.

• ROI (Return on Investment)

ROI is the payment that is received of the job done. You can see what is important by seeing what its ROI is. This term is used in Odesk and Elance type jobs where you do work and you bid by putting the ROI of your job that you are suppose to do.

• XML (Extensible Markup Language)

This is a language like HTML which is used only for search engine. It is used to make sitemap for any website which are very important with respect to SEO of any website.

• SERP (Search Engine Result Placement)

Whenever you type any keyword in the search engine and the results are displayed the first result has SERP one, second has SERP two and similarly it goes on. The serial number on which any website is displayed is the SERP of that site. The basic purpose of SEO is to improve SERP of the site in maximum keywords so that you get more and more traffic.

• Alt tags (Alternative text tags) and image title

You might have experienced many a times that when your put your mouse over the image a little pop-up opens giving the name or description of the image this is called title of the image. Similarly there are alt tag. They both are very important for SEO and if your image is clickable that is much better.

• KEI (Keywords Effectiveness Index)

While searching any keyword you generally think that it should perform well. KEI is the method by which you can understand how much any keyword is important for your site. KEI is explained in the coming chapters.

• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is the method by which you can get free traffic from search engine.

This is the method in SEO in which you put links of your website on the other sites, blogs or forums etc. This is the good strategy to be followed in off-page optimization.

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