Robotic Technology

Robotic Technology Is Becoming Popular Nowadays. Every New Technology Is Now Based on Robotic Technology Which Is Giving A Lot of Help in Every Field of Life to Human Beings.

As the world is becoming Advance the use of Robotic Technology is increasing day by day, which is reducing a lot of time and efforts of human beings. Pakistan is also producing a lot of new Robots now, which will reduce the efforts of human’s work.

Robotic Technology

Robotic Technology is a Technology which will help the human being in the Future because the Future is all about Robotic Technology. Nowadays, new Robots are Develop to perform different and challenging tasks that a man has to do to by himself. Well, this has to Reduce the efforts, work, and the danger that a man has to take to do challenging jobs.

Pakistan Newly Developed Robots

Like other countries of the world, Pakistan is also developing new robots which will work to perform different tasks. Pakistan has produced two Robots which can detect and defuse the bomb and can carry a heavy weapon which can be used for protection purpose. The name of these two Robots is HADAF and RATTLER Robots.


EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) HADDAF Robot is used to diffuse bombs. NRTC has fully developed this Technology in Pakistan. This Robot Remotely controlled by the Radio waves and there are multiples Camera on the Robot which gives the Operator 360 Degree view to scan and observes the surroundings.

This Robot can also detect Explosive and has the mind detecting ability. When a bomb is “detected, then the Operator can diffuse the bomb with the help of the Mechanical Arm of the Robot. This Arm can lift to 13 kg of the weight.

This Robot has the top speed of 15 kmph and has a water resistance system and has a night vision.

Rattler Robot

This Robot is also entirely developed in Pakistan by NRTC. This Robot can carry a Machine Gun and Grenade launcher to attack the enemy. These Robots are mostly used for offensive missions and can throw the Grenade at 2.4 km distance. This Robot can attack the enemy through smoke because of the Thermal detector.

Both of these two Robots are operated remotely by the Operator.

Artificial Intelligence

Robots developed by Pakistan `are operated remotely, but the world is developing robots that will world on their Artificial Technology. AI Robots can work and perform a different task by using Artificial Technology.

`Unique software code is written for Robots to have Artificial Intelligence. `This will give the Robot some learning ability. This learning period of the Robot is called the Training period.


Today world is all about Advanced Technology. “A lot of new robots are being developed to reduce human efforts, but on the other hand, this new Technology is taking man place in the work, which causes an increase in jobless people.

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