Know Some Basics Regarding Software Development


The Basic Idea of Devops

The word “DevOps” is the amalgamation of “dev” that represents the software development part and “Ops” that represents IT operations. Although there is not a single solid definition for this term, it is considered a system of automation that creates a link between software development and IT departments of a company. This aids in providing superior value to customers.

The Cycle of Software Development

The cycle DevOps introduced goes as: 

  1. Plan
  2. Build 
  3. Continuous integration
  4. Deploy
  5. Operate
  6. Constant feedback 

All of this, while the real-time communication is taking place between the departments.

The Change It Makes

Before the introduction of DevOps, both the departments worked in isolation. It made the process of software development sluggish and exhausting. The changes it brought about are:

  • The method of software development is made more efficient and faster.
  • It aids in increasing customer satisfaction.
  • It helps in developing a collaborative culture in the company.

Some Difficulties Along the Way

You may have to face the following challenges:

  • You need to change the work environment.
  • You will need new teams and tools.
  • DevOps Specialists are hard to find.

Angular and React

Angular and react are two web technologies, both used by website developers and programmers.

A Brief Comparison

  • Angular is a framework and reacts to a core library. However, it can compete with Angular when you add different packages into it, turning it into a framework. 
  • Angular is challenging to learn because it is a whole framework. While react on its own is more comfortable because it is a core library.
  • Angular has a difficult vocabulary because it has new concepts. 
  • React works with extra packages and modules that turn it into a framework. 
  • In Angular, you can map out data to do your work systematically. 
  • React is more flexible.
  • Angular is bigger than react. Nevertheless, react also increases in size with the added packages.
  • React is faster, but Angular is more powerful. 
  • They both have similar features; however, angular has a lot more features at its core than react.
  • React is backed by Facebook, and Google backs angular.
  • React was launched in 2013, while Angular was launched in 2016.

Angular is not as popular as react but is gaining popularity at a very high pace.

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