Keywords Suggestion Tools

The basic thing and the key of success in SEO is to find the good keyword. You better spend as much time to find one as you can. Your success and failure only depends on that. The good keyword is the one that has more searches and less competition. One such keyword is a gemstone and leads to the earning of hundreds of thousands of dollars for you. In the coming chapters we shall also tell you the rare methods to bring your keywords at the top of search engine results.

Fortunately there are many such sources on internet by which you can easily search the best keyword for you. Many sources are paid whereas there is one google’s source and that is absolutely free for all and that is why it is used more than any other tool and in the coming chapters we shall focus that in detail.
Keyword Suggestion Tools

  1. google adword keyword planner
  2. Market samurai
  3. Keyword Elite
  4. Word Tracker
  5. Digital tracker

The tool that is used at the most and that is free for all is the google adword keyword tool which, as said earlier, we shall focus in detail in the coming chapters.

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