Keywords SERP and Content Analysis

Keywords SERP Analysis

SERP means search engine result placement that means when someone finds a certain keyword on which number your webpage lies. If your page comes at 9th position of the first page it means your page’s SERP is 9. And if your page lies at 3rdposition of the 2nd page it means your SERP is 13. On one page there are 10 results. According to one google update there may be 7 results per page on certain keywords.
SERP analysis has not been known till the beginning of 2012. It is only after that the SEO experts gave importance to this thing to get a good SERP on the search engine. This analysis is to keep watching your competitors and lag them behind in SERP. What you need to see on the webpage of your competitors is as under;

1. See whether your competitors have used the keyword in title of the page, URL of the page and description.
2. See the speed in which the new pages are being indexed on search engine. In order to do so you must write “” and there shall be number of pages.
3. See the number of pages,the more the pages the better the SERP.
4. Analyze webpages with the better SERP and keep editing your page likewise.
5. Always note down your analysis on anexcel sheet and do this thing systematically.
6. Use SEO Quake. It is a good tool to be used. Use firefox and install the plugin of SEO Quake. Just click Ctrl, Shiftand Aand search the ad-on SEO Quake and install it. It shall take just 1 minute to get installed

Content Analysis

After the keyword SERP analysis you have to keep an eye on the contents of the websites of your competitors. You have to see how your competitors have arranged the contents and how they have done on-page optimization. In this connection SEO Quake is a good tool. What you need to see on the pages of your competitors is as follows.

1. Keyword density, that what is the ratio in which the keyword is used in their webpages.

2. Heading tags, that how they have made headings and how they have used keywords in headings.

3. See the prominence of the keywords

4. Analyze images and videos on their webpage. See whether they have used alt or titles or not.

By doing all that you will know what are the things that you have not done on your webpage and keep doing them gradually in order to compete your competitors. By doing that you will see your SERP shall begin to increase.
Note: Remember; always analyze the webpages that are better in SERP than yours, secondly do try to have a look on the site as a whole. Sometimes one page performs better with the help of other pages.

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