How to Make Free Website

As it is already told that blogs are different than websites but they act like websites and they are free and easy to make. That’s why here we are going to start form blog making on different sites. The sites to make free blogs are the following and many more;


They are four of many such sites on which you can make blogs. Above sites are the most famous ones, and once you could be able to make blogs on them you shall be able to make blog in any site available on internet and there shall be no problem at all. Blog making shall start from the next chapter.

What is the difference between free blog and website

Blog is also like a website but there are following differences;
1. Blog is free whereas for the website you have to pay for hosting and domain on yearly basis.

2. Blog mush end on,, etc (the name of site on which you make a blog) whereas the address of the website is entirely your own choice. Thus advantage of making blogs flows to the sites on which you have made a blog in a sense that they are advertised whereas on the website all advantage is your own.

3. There are facilities of plugins and scripts on the website unlike blog.

4. You can edit the html code and insert php and CSS in and many more things in website unlike blog.

Well, there are differences, after all how it makes sense that people prefer to pay for websites than simply making free blogs.

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