How to Make Blog on

In order to make blog on just follow the directions here. In this connection the basic ideas are the same as you have read in the previous chapter.
1. Go to and write the address of your blog and click the button “create website”.

2. Now fill in all the fields on the form and click on “Create blog” at the end. Remember as you keep on filling in the field shall be marked by a tick and if any field is not marked it means you must reconsider it. Write the address of your blog in “Blog address” and select Free as indicated in the image

3. Now write the address of your blog in title and few words about your blog in tagline. Language must be English and click “Next step”

4. Now you have to confirm your email address. Just do it by clicking on the link in the email by

5. Your blog is done. Now click on “Add new post” to publish it.

6. Now any time you can open and login to the dashboard of your blog for creating and publishing posts and pages

Whatever you do on dashboard see it on a live blog too. You can delete and edit your pages and posts

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