How to Find The Competition of Any Keyword

Competition means how many websites and webpages are working on the same keyword on which you work. Such sites are your competitors, therefore the less is the competition the more are the chances of success. You must know the competition of your keyword to make the best strategy for you. Remember the competition column in google keyword planner is not for the webmasters they are for the advertisers, so that is not your keyword competition.

Now there is a question that from where we have to see the competition of the keyword we are targeting on our site. Whenever you write any keyword google search engine tells you the number of sites on which that keyword is used and that is your competition. As the competition of the keyword Montessori classes is 5,840,000 as shown in the image below.

Remember all the 5,840,000 sites are not serious about your keyword. They might have used it once anywhere on the page, so you need to find the serious competitors and in this connection you haveto further narrow it down by putting inverted commas around your keyword and you will get the competition of the exact keyword as you selected for your site, it means you should search “Montessori classes”. Definitely the competition will come down. Now you are seeing those sites which are to some extent serious about you keyword but still not all of them. If you want to further narrow it down to reach the sites that are aware about the keyword of Montessoriclassesand they are your real competitors there are such strategies that you can go down to them.

Use allintitle to see who used your keyword in the title of the page
example: allintitle:”Montessori classes”

Use allinurl:to see who used your keyword in the url of the page
example: allinurl:”Montessori classes”

Use inanchor:to see who used your keyword as an anchor text on the page
example: inanchor:”Montessori classes”

Note: the text of link is called anchor text e.g. click here.SEO experts use keyword in the title of the page, in the url of the page and in anchor. Allintitle, allinurl and inanchor are explained in detail in the coming chapters. Here you only need to understand what they are.

If you want to see the global competition of the keyword you should see it on and if you want to see the competition within your country you should see it on (for Pakistan) (for India), (for United Kingdom) etc.

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