How to Find a Best Keyword

  • This chapter is very important and the crux of this diploma course. Here we shall tell you the ways and strategies to find the best keyword to be used for your success and by which you can be able at least to make handsome earning every month.Remember, the selection of right keyword is the only key to success. You better spend as much time in search for it as you can. Once you have selected a wrong keyword and the hard work of years shall not give you any success at all. So be conscious in keyword search.
  • The best method for keyword searching

Before search for any keyword you have to consider two things;

1. It is far better if the keyword relates to buying and selling.
2. Remember if you are working with Google adsense it is essential that you must know that there are plenty of advertisers on that keyword.

How to find a keyword related to buying and selling
The keyword that relates to buying and selling is a gem for you on account of the fact that there shall be great chances in this case that your users click on the google ads and be the buyer of your advertiser. It means there may be a dramatic increase in click through ratio (CTR). Click through ratio (CTR) means the ratio of the peoplewho click on the google adsand CPC is the cost per click. If you work on the above formula of buying and selling your CPC and CTR both shall increase. Advertisers advertise themselves with google who in turn gives their ads to you to be put on your website and your earning depends on how many people click on the ad (CTR) and what is the cost per click (CPC).
There are certain websites that shall give you an idea to select a keyword that relates to buying and selling and they are;


By visiting the above sites and analyzing the categories for the customers you shall find the root keyword. Remember the root keyword in that keyword which is the basic keyword and you can extend upon it, like “belly fats” is the root keyword and you can extend it into “reduce belly fats” and “reduce belly fats fast” etc.They above sites are the best sites for buying and selling that’s why you can get a good idea from them. Once you have found the root keyword you have got a platform to start with. Now use google adwords tools and google search engine to search for the longer keywords from that root keyword. In this connection you have to see two things.

• The keyword you are finding must have good number of monthly searches.
• The keyword must have less competition of websites or webpages.

In the coming chapters we shall tell you in detailhow to find the keyword with good monthly searches and how to find the competition of websites or webpages. There is a big chance that you may find many keywords on the one root keyword.

Remember, long-tail keyword (or extended keyword from the root keyword) is better than short keyword and this we shall discuss in detail in the coming chapters.
How to find advertisers on any keyword.

This is the second thing you must know before starting your search on the keywords. When you have selected any keyword that relates to buying and selling now you have to find whether there is any advertiser on this keyword or not and for this purpose you have to adopt the following three methods;

1. When you open the search results of any keyword you generally see that there are some additional results at the top or the bottom of the page with yellow background. They are the advertisers on the keyword you have written on the search engine.

2. When you open the search results of any keyword you also see the ads of the advertisers on the right side of the page.

3. Open the sites that use the same keyword and see whether they have google adsand if yes whether there are the advertisers on that keyword or not.

Don’t forget one thing that you better use when advertisers start advertisement campaign they also select the region. And for to see which site is of which country you better see the whois information of the site. Just go to any site of whois and type the URL of the site and get the information.

Note: sometimes the whois is blocked by the site.

In this chapter it is taught how to find a good root keyword and in the coming chapters we shall tell you how to make long keyword or long-tail keyword from the root keyword.

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