How to Earn Money on Fiverr

Earn Money on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services, although it has a lot of categories from which you can earn money but if you work in the following three niches you can make a lot of money.

Before creating an account on fiverr, if you have good skills and you know well about these niches then you can start right away. Or you can improve your skills from online/YouTube lectures, the more you specialize in your skill the more money you earn. Once people started to identify your work, they will recommend you to their friends and family. So always do original work no matter which field you are in and you have to work hard.

Here are three best niches on fiverr:

  1. Writing and Translation
  • Graphics and Design
  • Video and Animation

When you are ready, download fiverr app and create a profile, your profile should be appealing and make sure to add all the details about your profession and skills in the about section of your profile, it’s also called a gig. You can give a title to your gig according to the services you are providing and in the description section, give all the details about your profession. You can set a price of minimum 5$ for your gig but you can also specify in the description if you are going to charge extra for a project, e.g if you are creating a logo for a company and they also want the source file of logo then you can charge them extra.

If your description section has less than 500 characters then it’s not going to work,  so don’t miss any information about the services in the gig to get contracts. Fiverr says that if you upload a video with all the details and demos about your work, you can increase your ratio of getting orders by 200%.

It’s hard to get orders on a new gig and the first order is always the hardest to get, but you can create backlinks in your gig to get ranking from Google Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O), a backlink means a link of another website in your gig, blog or article, so create authentic back links and as many as you can for more traffic.

Always deliver your work in the promised time to get positive feedback from your clients. The title of your gig is also the URL link for your fiverr profile so chose the title of your gig wisely to get more S.E.O for your gig. If you are still not getting any orders on your new gig with no reviews, you can ask your friends or relatives to buy your gig and leave a positive feedback on your profile.

Fiverr has an affiliate program that you can join and invite others as well, if someone joins through your fiverr profile link you get 12$, so invite as many friends as you can. You can also add money back option to get more orders.

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