Do You Know What is Internet?

Internet of Things

What Is It?

The Internet of things means the connectivity of all the objects or people of the world with the Internet. It has made everything in the environment able to connect without human-to-human or human-to-machine interaction.


 It includes three kinds of things

  • Things that collect information and transfer it. An example is sensors.
  • Things that receive information and react to it, like printers.
  • Lastly, ones that can collect, process, and react to the information, like automatic irrigation systems.


  • It connects different devices, thus creating a link of communication between them.
  • You can monitor your business activity at home.
  • It is timesaving.
  • It helps in the transmission of data from one place to another.
  • It is cost-efficient.
  • IoT aids in the improvement of the quality of human life, as it makes it more convenient and comfortable.


  • It can be a tricky and complicated technology to handle.
  • Your privacy is in danger of being invaded by a hacker.
  • Technology may start having much more influence on our life than we would like.

Intelligent Applications

In the advancing world, a smartphone is an essential tool in our lives as it connects us to the world. When you are holding a smartphone, you are not just holding a piece of technology. Instead, you are holding your link with the world. Artificial intelligence has added the most significant contribution to the advancement of technology. Intelligent applications contain AI, with the help of which they can make predictions and give suggestions.

Positive Aspects Of Intelligent Applications

  • With the help of real-time and historical data, intelligent apps can give custom-made solutions to your problems.
  • With the help of AL algorithms, they can extract useful information from a pool of data.
  • They can be proactive, which means they will act without instruction on your behalf.
  • They can get things done without bothering you just like a perfect assistant.
  • They can even predict how you will react to certain situations based on history.

Some Examples

A most common example of intelligent application includes:

  • Alexa, Siri, and google assistant. These applications assist you in real life.
  • Netflix; that gives suggestions about what you can watch next based on your history.


Blockchain is a collection of data. Data is stored in “blocks” and connected in chronological order in the form of a chain. It contains the record of transactions, just like a ledger. Everyone can view this record; however, no one can tamper with it. It not only records economic transactions but everything that has significant importance.

Benefits It Provides

  • Information saved in a blockchain is visible to anyone in the world. Thus, the collected data is easy to access.
  • Once recording data in a blockchain, no one can change it. Hence, it is impossible to tamper with it.
  • You can make, record, and verify transactions.
  • It makes the transactional process efficient and effective.
  • It does not have a single owner, making it decentralized.
  • Since your transaction is recorded in such a defined manner and cannot be changed, it makes the process safe and foolproof.
  • You may not require hiring additional employees or purchasing other tools to record your transactions.
  • The system has fewer chances of error.

Some Drawbacks 

  • For it to work, a corporation is essential. 
  • A hacker can cause security issues.

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