Satellite and Its Uses in Our Daily Life

Find Out What A Satellite Is. The Uses and Types of Satellites Are Also Given in The Article Below.

You all have heard of the word satellite. You may have also heard some information regarding it. However, most of you will not know that many of our everyday life activities are dependent on the satellites. The satellites are used heavily in our daily life, but most of us are unaware of this. We think satellites are some celestial objects that are in space. The satellites are not as complicated as we think. It is easy to understand the concept of satellites.

In the article below, I will explain in detail what satellites are. I will also mention the different types of satellites that are being used in today’s world. The article will also highlight the purpose and uses of satellites in our everyday lives.

What Is A Satellite?

Satellite: An object or machine which orbits around a planet or a star is defined as a satellite. To simplify, the earth is a satellite because it revolves around the sun. However, the earth is a natural satellite. The satellite which we are talking about in this article is an artificial satellite. An artificial satellite is a machine which is launched into space. The purpose of this machine is to orbit the earth or any other body in space. These satellites are launched into space to accomplish specific tasks. I will discuss that later on in the article.

Parts of a Satellite: Every satellite is made for its specific reason and purpose. Therefore, the parts of satellites differ from each other. However, every satellite consists of two main parts: the antenna and the power source. The job carried out by the antenna is to send and receive information to and from the earth. The power source is used to turn on the satellite. A battery or solar panels can be used as the power source. Both of these turn the energy into electricity which is then used by the satellite. The satellite can consist of cameras or scientific sensors depending on the purpose of that particular satellite.

Types of Satellites

There are so many satellites being used in our world today. All of these satellites have their particular purposes and tasks. These satellites perform their duties and make our life easier as human beings. I will now mention some of the types of satellites and their uses in our everyday lives.

Astronomical Satellites: As the name suggests, these astronomical satellites are used to observe the galaxies and distant planets as well as black holes and other stuff related to the universe. The purpose of these satellites is to gather information and essential data regarding the planets and galaxies. They also collect information about other important aspects of the universe. Scientists use these astronomical satellites for scientific research.

Biosatellites: The purpose of the biosatellites is to carry living organisms into space. These living organisms can be plants, seeds, and even animals. These living organisms are taken into space for experimentation. Scientists gather highly useful information by sending living organisms to space.

Communications Satellites: This satellite enables us to communicate with anyone all around the world. We can call, send a text message or even video call only because of the communication satellites. These satellites are called comsats for short. These satellites take in the signal when you send a text message and drop that same signal to the place where you want to send that message. Signals can be received from all over the world and then send back to any place in the world because of the communication satellites. The TV, the internet, the mobile phone, and anything that involves some communication is being supervised by the communications satellites. Communications satellites are highly crucial for our everyday lives.

Navigational Satellites: Another critical type of satellites are the navigational satellites. They are combinedly known as the “Global Positioning System” or GPS. You must be familiar with the term GPS. These satellites help us in finding any location around the world. You use the map application on your phone to get directions to your desired places. All the directions are provided by these navigational satellites. These satellites communicate with each other to send signals to each other and find the exact location anywhere in this world. Now, you can even get turn-by-turn navigations to your location. All this is supervised by the navigational satellites.

Weather Satellites: the weather is forecasted in our world. The technology used to forecast weather is a satellite known as a weather satellite. This particular satellite gathers information regarding the weather and climate of each part of the earth. The data is then sent back to the satellite operators who then share the weather news of the whole world. You can get to the forecast for the next week and even the next month by just searching on the internet. The first weather satellite was successfully sent to space on April 1, 1960.

Uses of Satellites in Our Everyday Life

Satellites are made and used for specific purposes. The satellites play a significant role in our everyday life activities. Some of the uses of the satellite are given below.

  • Satellite helps us in communicating with each other throughout the world. We can communicate with each other in a matter of seconds. The credit of this goes to the communication satellites. The TV and the internet are also in place because of the communication satellites.
  • Satellites also help us in finding our way. We can find any location in this world using our map application. We can even get the directions to our desired locations. This is done with the help of navigational satellites.
  • We forecast the weather all around the world using weather satellites.

The satellites are highly useful for several different purposes. They also play a massive role in our everyday life. The details regarding the satellites are given in the article above.

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