How to Make Site on Dreamweaver

There are following things you need to know in order to make site on a dreamweaver. Remember there is no posts here all are pages and it is your choice how you arrange introductory pages and others.

1. How to make page and see its HTML code

First of all open the dreamweaver and make the page. The first page is site that is called as homepage is save with the name index.html or index.php. If you want to use PHP then name that page as index.php otherwise it shall be index.html. Dreamweaver is much like MS Word start creating the page by going to File and then select “New”.

Now whenever you shall click on “show code view” option as indicated in the image it shall open the html code of the page.

This html code is the back-end of your site and as you work on the page the html code shall be automatically made at the back-end which you can see anytime. For viewing the page back you need to select “Show design view” option. You can also see both page and code by selecting “Show code and design views”.

Beside the code view options you shall see the option of title. This is the title of the page that appears on the tab above the URL bar.

This is the title that is shown on the tag of browser when your site is open and on the search result page as the first line of search results as indicated in the image below.

2. How to make table

On the page everything is done in a table. You better make the first table that should be of the width of the site. In order to make table click on the option of table as indicated.

Now select the number of columns and rows, select width and border and click on “OK”.

First table should be of the width of site and then keep on working in it by making other tables in accordance to the design of your site.

3. Text styles

Always writ text in a table. You can create any text as heading by selecting it and selecting any heading size from format option at the bottom of screen as indicated.

heading 1 is the biggest heading whereas heading 6 is the smallest one. You can bold, underline, italicize, align and colour the text quite as you do in MS Word.

If you want to make any text a link just select it and go to the link option at the bottom and write the address of the webpage there.

If link is of the page of your own site then write the page name only like; education.html.

5. How to insert image

In order to insert image just click where you want to insert and go to image option at the top and select the image and click ok, it shall be inserted. Always make one folder by the name “images” and put all images there.

6. Background

There are two types of backgrounds; image background and colour. There are two options for background by the name bg which stands for background. In one option you can select the image as background whereas in the second you can select any colour

In the coming chapter you shall be taught how to upload site on server

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