5 Different Ways to Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

Pakistan is facing huge unemployment issues. There are many well qualified Pakistani youngsters putting their energy and time in applying for different jobs, but they are still unsuccessful. This article is for those who want to earn online.

Before jumping into different options, I want to make this thing clear that you have to work hard for few months and then your earning will start.

  1. YouTube – This is very easy option. Just make few good videos and upload them on YouTube. Run monitorization of your channel and google AdSense will pay you if your videos get viral. Don’t copy videos from any other source, just develop your own genuine content, else you will have to face copyrighting issues.
  2. Affiliate marketing – Just select products available on Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon or from any well-established website. Copy the link of that product and provide it to your social circle or audience and if someone buys the product after clicking your link you will getting a small percentage of that sale.
  3. Freelancing – If you possess any skill, you know Photoshop, web designing, logo designing or any other skill that you can sell. You just need you sign up on fiver, freelancer or Upwork and explain regarding your services and you may get clients who require services from you.
  4. Photography – There are many websites that actually buys your pictures. You just need to shoot anything, scenery or any situation and go to these websites and they will buy the picture from you. Many individuals actually buy the pictures. So, you can earn money from photography as well
  5. Blogging – Blogging is a very easy way to earn money. You don’t have to put a lot of effort in blogging. Just make a website and put 15- 20 unique articles on that new website. Now you just need to get it approved from google AdSense and Google will start publishing adds on your website. Keep the content updated and try to focus on its SEO. Whenever anyone will come to you website there are chancer s/he would click on the advertisement. You will earn per click.

Bonus Tip

This tip is for those Pakistanis who have a shop or any of their friend or family member is in business and sells goods. Take goods or products from that shop and start selling them online throughout the Pakistan. Go to https://www.daraz.pk/ or other websites dealing in Pakistan and signup there create your profile and start taking pictures of products that you want to sell and upload them of the website. You can develop you own website as well. It would cost you around 15000 to 20000 and start selling you products through that website.

These tips might seem simple but you will have to put high amount of effort to keep the earnings above satisfactory level

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